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  Keylogger: Lttlogger 2.0 (by Jariee)

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PostSubject: Keylogger: Lttlogger 2.0 (by Jariee)   Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:43 am

This is 2.0 of Lttlogger, a small, yet effective keylogger made by LttCoder.


LttLogger is a little keylogger that logs all the keys pressed on the keyboard and saves it to a file inside WINDOWS/ folder. When the file reaches ybytes (which you specify in editserver) it will automatically upload the logfile to a ftp server you specify.

-DLL injection (firwall bypass)
-Server size 16,7 kb fsg packed
-melt function
-J3n7il's editserver encryption

What's new in 2.0?
-check if FTP server is online, and only upload/reset logfile ONLY when it is online.
-Log file is now hidden and cannot be seen by a normal user.
-Finds the default internet browser and injects to it, instead of only injecting into iexplore.
-keylogger can save the logfiles in different directories on the ftp server.
-the name of the dll file that keylogger uses can now be changed from editserver.
-Multi-Infect protection.
-Disables system restore.
-more startup methods(Including Activex and the secret methods from SUB7)
-create each directory for every slave in order by computername
-PHP notification added

Download Compiled Here
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Download Source Here
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Keylogger: Lttlogger 2.0 (by Jariee)
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